What should I write in a cause and effect essay on global warming?

As you mature as a writer, you will find that your teacher assigns you more difficult types of papers. This is the natural progression. One of these papers is the cause and effect composition. You will explore how one event makes another event to happen. To understand this concept, before you begin to write, you should look at simple scenarios for a clear understanding of this.

An example of cause and effect at the most basic form might be that a person ran a red light (cause) and then they were in a car accident (effect). Another example might be that the dinner was burned (cause), so the family ate at the restaurant (effect).

This style is often used in science classes because of the relationships involved. You may discover your teacher wants you to write a paper on global warming. If he or she assigns this topic, use these tips concerning the contents of the piece.


  1. Make an outline first, so that you understand the sequence. If you do not have the order clearly understood, then your paper might not be clear. Do not be alarmed if the outline goes through some changes; this is quite normal. It shows that you are gaining a better understanding of the topic.
  2. Include many quotes and references from experts in the field. This will give your piece credibility and validity.
  3. It you can, perform an experiment or lab on the subject at a smaller scale. If you can include this experiment or lab as a source, it will help your reader to understand your hypothesis.
  4. With global warming, there will be a lot of sources that you have to comb through in order to figure out what you want to use. This is a very timely and relevant subject. You may want to narrow down the fields. There are many concerns about what causes this event to happen, and if you do not narrow down the topic, the scope may be too large.
  5. You should make sure to include outside and expert case studies and experiments, in addition to your own. If you look up and use some findings from periodicals in the field of science, you will find many sources of research. You can pick the ones that are relevant to your subject.