List Of 10 Persuasive Essay Topics About The Harm Of Drinking

It won’t be difficult to craft a strong persuasive essay about the harm of drinking if you sincerely believe in what you say. After all, alcoholism is one of the commonest problems of the modern society and hardly anybody will disagree with the fact that drinking too much is harmful. However, good persuasive papers can be composed not only about alcohol addiction or drinking hard. You may be more versatile when choosing your topic and discuss the dangers of occasional or light drinking or focus on a specific age, gender, or social group.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Persuasive Essay Topic

In a persuasive paper, you should convince the reader to agree with your viewpoint. It’s quite normal if you base your persuasive piece on your personal opinion. It’s even better if you have strong feelings about your topic since it’ll be easier to appeal to the reader’s emotions and make them change their mind. However, you should also support your argument with logical reasoning and relevant examples. If you fail to do so, you argument will be weak and opinionated.

Use the following tips to choose the best persuasive topic about the harm of drinking:

    Refer to your real life when picking a topic. Maybe, there were some alcohol problems in your family or you know someone who is addicted to alcohol. Use these examples as a solid background for your paper. Make sure that the topic is original. For example, write about the things that aren’t generally agreed upon. How much of alcohol is too much? When is it useful to drink alcohol? Brainstorm on the subject, and you’ll definitely come up with the unusual topic ideas for your paper.

Inspiring Persuasive Essay Topics about Alcohol and Health-Related Risks

  1. Alcohol has too many negative effects on the human body and people should refuse from drinking it as often as they do.
  2. Alcohol use at a young age triggers the development of alcohol problems later in life.
  3. We should talk to teenagers early and openly about the dangers of alcohol drinking.
  4. Teenagers who drink are more prone to develop behavioral problems.
  5. Alcohol is harmful to the developing teen bodies and brains.
  6. People who drink at a young age are more inclined to try other drugs.
  7. It’s unsafe to drive even after light drinking.
  8. Women should completely avoid alcohol during pregnancy since it’s harmful to their babies.
  9. Occasional light drinking during pregnancy is safe.
  10. Binge drinking is much more harmful than consuming a single drink at a time.

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