List of 10 Ideas for a Descriptive Essay about a Famous Building

Are you going to write a descriptive essay? Before you do, you have to get to know your subject first. This is especially true if you have a predetermined subject to work with before you even start writing. Let’s say that you are going to write about a famous building. What are other related topics that you can talk about with regards certain famous buildings in the world? This article will help you discover 10 related topics that can serve as supplements for your writing on certain famous buildings around the world.

  1. The history of the structure
  2. Any traumatic events of that may have happened in the building itself
  3. You can also write about any famous public figures in history that may have used the building one way or another.
  4. Write something about what was used to build the structure. Expound on the materials composition and integrity of the structure.
  5. You can also look into current plans for the building. Are they planning to tear the building down? Build a few more floors?
  6. Urban legends connected to any famous structures
  7. The people that were responsible for the construction of the well-known landmark
  8. You can also discuss the physics of the structure itself: Its height, exact measurements, and the reasons behind the creation of the famous building.
  9. You can also write something about what holds in the future for this famous building. Do you think it would still be there 20 to 30 years from now?
  10. You can also write an essay on what you can contribute in terms of caring for the building itself. How can you show your respect for your history through taking care of the building?

These are just some of the many related ideas that you can write on regarding famous buildings in the metro. All you have to do now is be creative and expand your paragraphs even further. Depending on the requirements itself, you can also hide your personal accounts regarding being inside the building if you ever were. This way, your story will become even more personal and touching for your readers.

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