Coming Up with Good Topics for Argumentative Essays in Law

One of the most effective ways of composing a great argumentative essay in law is developing a good topic that is both unique and interesting. Writing a good topic will make your paper much more enjoyable and will be generally easier for you to research and write. Here are 15 great topic ideas for your consideration:

  1. Youth Criminal Justice: How should teenagers be held responsible for non-violent crimes committed on private citizens? Shout parents face charges for negligence?
  2. Victim’s Rights Versus Offenders’ Rights: Should the balance of rights be shifted so that offenders aren’t made to pay too heavy a financial fine when the burden is too great?
  3. Family Law: What is the greatest concern in family law where children have sought emancipation without evidence of negligence by parents?
  4. War Crimes: Who holds the greatest burden of proving that war crimes have been committed in an international case from a country or citizen that no longer exists?
  5. Diplomatic Immunity: How are diplomatic immunity protections most commonly abused by foreign citizens? Should they be re-written so that proper responsibility is applied?
  6. Criminal Law: How can people who have committed a crime hide behind the various protections that prevent them from testifying in order to prevent self-criminalization?
  7. Immigration Law: How are immigration protecting families from having to separate in cases where children are citizens but parents are not legal?
  8. Juvenile Crime Law: Should juvenile crime law have tougher penalties on parents of youth who have committed crimes on private property?
  9. Intellectual Property Law: Are restrictions imposed by intellectual property law a problem for victims of copyright infringement?
  10. Hunting Law: Several states in the country have strict laws regarding the hunting of certain animals during season. Should these laws be more protective?
  11. Sporting Law: How are professional athletes protected from having to overly exert themselves at the risk of injury? Are player unions effective in putting forth these protections?
  12. Censorship Law: Is television censorship a question of ethics or one of morality? Do you feel governments should censor certain news stories?
  13. Internet Law: How does the government protect from certain offensive material from appearing for regular access by the public?
  14. Divorce Law: How are divorce laws designed to help protect the financial stability of the person who has the lowest income in a marriage?
  15. Property Law: What are the biggest problems in the in which property laws protect people from losing property because of government building plans?

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