What Makes A Good Narrative Essay: A Brief Tutorial

When you write a narrative essay, you practically present your experiences to your target audience which in turn, gives them the opportunity to sum up the type of person you are instead of you saying so yourself. With this said, it is important you understand those little things that make a good narrative paper. If you have been getting low scores with your narrative essays, this is an opportunity for you to change things and improve your scores.:

  • Be Subtle: If you have forgotten, then you need to be reminded that you are writing a narrative essay and not rhetorical. Therefore, you need to be subtle when you are trying to impress your target readers with your experiences.
  • Pay Attention To Clarity: You are not out to show your audience your linguistic strength and as such, you need to make use of less complex words and phrases. When you express your ideas and experiences in easy to understand terms or phrases, it can be said that clarity has been achieved. Your choice of words also, should not send a wrong signal so that you don’t lose the attention of your readers.
  • Be Descriptive But To A Limit: That you are asked to write a narrative paper does not mean you should describe every of the moves you made. For example, instead of writing ‘As I walked up the stairs one at a time, I looked to my right and saw a huge collection of portraits. I looked to my left and there were even more portraits. On getting to the top of the stairs, I noticed that most of the people were staring at a single portrait,’ you can write, ‘I immediately observed the portraits on both sides of the wall but, most persons’ attention was on the single portrait at the balcony’.
  • Use The First Person Narrative: Your readers expect a narrative essay written about yourself and your experiences, not about somebody else. Therefore, make sure that your paper is written in the first person narrative. This way, you will be able to further grab the attention of your target readers.

Other tips that would help you write a very good narrative paper include using minimal reference in your work. You should also be careful of your choice of words. With these, writing a good narrative essay will not be difficult.