25 controversial persuasive essay topics to help you get started

Writing essays can be fun, or at times they can be a real chore, it all depends on your reason for writing. While they are useful tools, many people write essays simply because they enjoy doing it. In most instances, however, you will find that they have very specific and sometimes even important purposes. This is quite often the case with persuasive essay, sometimes, they can mean a whole lot to some people.

When selecting a topic, you want to make sure that it’s a topic that you will enjoy working with, this is essential and can make the difference in a well written paper and a low quality one. You must also be able to acquire adequate information on the topic, which will allow you to compose a well written paper.

  1. The main reason why cats are better than dogs.
  2. The main reason why you should own a dog instead of a cat
  3. Intelligent design is solid scientific knowledge and you should consider this evidence to help convince you.
  4. If hunting is outlawed and dealt with more severely, many endangered species will be saved.
  5. Teachers and students should be allowed to have relationships out of school.
  6. Sportsmen and athletes should not be paid more than the average persons.
  7. The act of conducting I.Q testing should be outlawed since they only serve to make people feel stupid.
  8. Outsourcing is a good business model
  9. There should be no patents on ideas, only on actual creations.
  10. Roads should be modified to allow for speeding.
  11. Videos games are the new form of educational media.
  12. Food preservation is the main cause of most health problems
  13. Air purifiers only give the illusion of clean air.
  14. No drug should be illegal, we all have the right to use out bodies.
  15. Couples that don’t get married are happier.
  16. The world would be better without capitalism.
  17. Smart people should start having more children.
  18. Stupid people are more likely to be happy.
  19. Men are subject to as much sexual pressures as women are.
  20. Women are weak because men don’t complain about none issues.
  21. What will happen if the internet is no more.
  22. Marijuana can change the world for the better.
  23. Newspapers are no longer relevant.
  24. Advertising companies have brain washed us all.
  25. We would be much better off if soda was never invented.

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