20 Witty Essay Topics For “The Faerie Queene” You Will Love To Write On

Written in the late 16th century, the Faerie Queene is an epic poem by Edmund Spencer, and is often studied by individuals who are learning about the history of English literature. Consequently, if you need to write an essay based on the work, then you might find the following suggestions to be of use.

  • Do you think that the poem would be as popular and well-known today had it not received royal patronage?
  • Compare and contrast the work with that of Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando Furioso
  • Elizabeth I is represented as two different characters in the poem - compare and contrast your interpretation of each of these characters, and draw upon your own historical knowledge of the actual monarch they are based upon?
  • What you think the response would have been in Queen Elizabeth I the first had not enjoyed the way in which she was represented in The Faerie Queene?
  • What influence did this piece of literature have on the development of the Spenserian stanza, and lists some other works that have followed the structure?
  • Compare and contrast the use of mythical ideas with factual details from history?
  • How does the writer’s knowledge and understanding of history help them to put forward ideas in the poem?
  • In comparison with other epic poems of the time, how important historically is The Faerie Queene?
  • To what extent does the problems literal style compare with Torquato Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered?
  • Why do you think Spencer used relatively archaic language?
  • How to the main characters relate with one another?
  • Other than Elizabeth I, which other prominent figures from the Elizabethan era were referenced in Spencer’s work?
  • Why was the poem banned in Scotland?
  • How is religion used within The Faerie Queene?
  • To what extent does Spencer refer to the past, and how to use this to focus and highlight the present?
  • How does Spencer use symbolism throughout the epic work?
  • How might people in the 21st century, particularly those unversed in the ways on the time when the poem was written, interpret some of the symbolism used in the poem?
  • What symbolism is used in order to reference the Catholic Church?
  • The poem is regarded as being fairly allusive and allegorical: would you agree?
  • In what way does Spencer refer to modern and historical political issues?

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