Useful Instructions For Creating A Strong 5-Paragraph Essay Outline

For even the most talented of cooks, recipes are usually consulted before a meal is prepared. The same thing applies to writing academic papers. For your 5-paragraph essay to be properly structured and well-written, you need to create a strong outline which will be the ‘recipe’ that will guide your writing. One point too short and your paper will not make the impact you desire. So, if you are yet to understand how to create outlines that are to kill for, here are useful instructions to get you started in outlining a 5-paragraph paper. They are as follows:

  • Paragraph 1: This is the introduction of your paper which should be written to get your target readers hooked and at the end, your viewpoint or thesis made known to the readers.
  • Paragraph 2: This is where the first main idea or argument goes. It is panned out with the sub points for supporting facts, evidences, and quotes that solidify your viewpoint or thesis statement.
  • Paragraph 3: This is the part of the 5-paragraph essay where the second main idea will be written. Just like paragraph 2, it is panned out with the blank sub points which are the supporting sentences that are mostly made up of facts, evidences, and quotes.
  • Paragraph 4: This part of the outline is where the third main idea along with the supporting sentences and facts will go. Not to be left out are statistics, quotes, and evidences.
  • Paragraph 5: This is the last part of the outline and signals the position of the conclusion. This part is mostly made up of a restatement of your previously stated thesis. It also portrays a broader significance of your ideas or viewpoints.

Before the outline of your 5-paragraph essay is created, you are already aware of the topic you are to write on. It is either your tutor assigned you a topic or your class is given the liberty to write on any topic. In order not to go overboard, make sure you fully understand the prompts and instructions for writing the paper. This is what stands between you and creating a strong outline for your 5-paragraph academic paper prior to diving into the writing itself.