How to properly use a graphic organizer in a compare and contrast essay

Before understanding how to use a graphic organizer in a compare and contrast essay it is essential to understand the term compare and contrast essays.

The term comparative is for a thesis where the same type of similarities or even differences are noted. A contrasting thesis is one where just the differences are talked about. The reasons why a contrasting essay is written are:

  1. It helps in explaining the homework done and a point made which is not known
  2. It gives a new perspective
  3. It draws the attention to one subject or maybe more, as a result of good homework undertaken
  4. It shows that there is a difference and one of the objects is inferior to the other.
  5. When you do research you need to present both sides – a comparison and a contrast and for this, it is necessary to make it easier for the reader to by having it graphically organized.

    Graphically both the similarities and dissimilarities can be charted in a dissertation.

    In the first type of charting: There are two boxes on the top left and top right. In the first box, one concept is written and in the second box, the other concept. Then there are arrows from both the boxes pointing to a box in the middle which informs as to how alike both are. Below the center box, each of the characteristics of the similarities is posted. On completion of all the similarities, below them is another box which is labeled as “differences”. This is divided into two columns further and the differences of each concept are explained.

    The second method of the graphical representation used in dissertation as well as in good freelance projects is to show a chart which has 3 different columns. The first of the columns lists all the characteristics. The second column is dedicated to the first concept and the third column is dedicated to the second concept. Then against each of the characteristics, either a tick mark or some sign is placed which in a glance informs the reader as to what are the characteristics or issues which are present with regards each of the concepts.

    A graphic organizer should be easy to decipher, read and understand. This adds weight to your research paper and shows you just didn’t do it to freelance.